A.P.L.E.A. Training Academy

"Equipping Leaders to Defend Freedom                     Established 2003 

We are please to introduce our APLEA Service Dog Division with both Emotional Support Animals & Working Dogs. Our working dogs will be trained to offer support for out Executive Protection / VIP Protection work and provide an economical choice as a force-multiplier for EP teams. Our E.S.A. animals are used for a different purpose as many of our members across the United States are prior Service as military or L.E.O.s and use animals like these to help deal with PTSD or other service related Injury. 

Meet Arthur ( after King Arthur) who will be trained as both an EP dog and a K9 for Private Law Enforcement. He is a pure-bred Bernese Mountain Dog. They are used to pull many times their own weight and are used for protection as well as working. They encourage owners of berner's to give their dogs a task as they want responsibility and have a high desire to please their owner. This makes the breed perfect for APLEA & other security related tasks. 

Now APLEA's mission "Equipping Leaders for the Defense of Freedom" is extended to the Canine species. Stay tuned for more updates our our K9 Division

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