A.P.L.E.A. Training Academy

"Equipping Leaders to Defend Freedom                     Established 2003 

Mark Messare (the Juggernaut) - Co Founder and in charge of East Coast Operations of APLEA. 

The Juggernaut (AKA Mark Peter Messare) has been "Equipping Leaders to Defend freedom since 1999 when he began teaching martial arts out of his home just outside of Amsterdam NY. In 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11 J. Legend & the Juggernaut began to work on what would become APLEA. Since that time he hast trained hundreds of individuals and groups in personal self defense and safety. In 2016 APLEA underwent another major change when the APLEA Rangers was born in response to the need to make this material available to everyone!! Not every training is free of course but the APLEA Rangers are a free organization that anyone who agrees to our code of ethics can become. In 2018 a new training curriculum was birthed called the Warfighter Initiative which offers 3 day Citizen Response Training programs that are available for everyone not just those in the martial arts world or professional protection industries. These 3 Blade & 3 Gun methods are designed to teach every able bodied American the basics of how to defend your family and your homeland against all enemies foreign and domestic. If you or your organization would like to find out more about us check out the APLEA Training Academy page or just look him up at : www.facebook.com/markmessare

Jonathan David Messare ( J. Legend ) - APLEA Co-Founder and West Coast Operations 

J. Legend (AKA Jonathan David Messare) is the Co-Founder of APLEA and the Founder of Transcendent Productions & WarFactor Studios. He resides in Salem Oregon and is the father of four. He is the head of the West Coast APLEA  Region and is currently working alongside the Juggernaut to produce new training footage as well as completely original background soundtracks for APLEA Videos. He also specializes in capturing the stories of other warriors as well as bringing you the Voice of the Underground in current events. Make sure to subscribe to all the Youtube Channels on the main page to stay current or just reach out to him on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/J.Legend2018

Peace Ikpeka - Director of International Business Operations

Peace has been working with APLEA since 2005 in the first trip to Nigeria made with Mark Messare where she provided assistance as a liason between countries. She is now working as the head of our International Business Operations department and will be relocating to the USA to help out our East Coast New York office with the launch and development of the Citizens Response Program and the APLEA Chaplains department. We look forward to this new and changing role for peace as she brings a lot to the table both in her professionalism and her problem-solving skills with international communications. 

Bishop Drs. Israel Ikpeka - International Ministry Operations / APLEA Chaplains

Drs. Israel have decades of experience in ministry to to churches with Family Life Ministries. They have been working side by side with APLEA since 2005 with development of the Chaplains Program and Freedom Bible College & Seminary's branch in NY. We lo

Sensei James Long - 9th Degree APLEA Black Belt 

Sensei Long brings over 5 decades of martial arts experience into play and also is the owner of Classic Martial Arts Magazines. He was involved in the very first APLEA Project Action Campaign for At Risk Youth in 2002 where money was raised for underprivileged kids who couldnt afford training. 

Miracle Ikpeka - Citizen Response Medical Team Leader

Miracle has been involved in helping citizens in their health for a long time and now will be taking on a greater role with the APLEA Medic training program. She has a passion for helping others and brings all her heart and skills to do real miracles in the medical field. She will be helping to educate our APLEA Rangers in the use of first aide especially in situations where supplies and resources are limited in countries that our outside of the U.S.A. 

Deborah Ikpeka - Social Outreach Coordinator 

Deborah will be bringing APLEA Citizens Response programs into new areas developing Neighborhood watch programs and helping to interface with local officials and law enforcement. She brings all the energy and experience of her work in Lagos Nigeria into play with APLEA Social Outreach. We look forward to the coming months and years 

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