IWC Krav Maga - Self Defense 

90 Rockwood Pl Rochester NY 14610 (585) 867-6201

        We are looking to expand within Rochester NY and throughout the United States. For as little as $200 a month you can begin your instructor development & affiliate branch training. Studios with as few as 100 students make 6 figures just from monthly enrollment. There is an additional 50-100k a year to be earned in online private training. 

_____Contact us now for more info at (585)867-6201______

 * 4 - 30 Minute Private Sessions with Sr. Instructor Mark Messare and/or GM Sifu Don Green a month. 

 * Become a part of our Master's Club class and have exclusive access to all of our group training 

* Instructor Ranking system so you can start teaching without having 5 or more years in the system. 

* We accept life experience and other martial arts experience towards your time requirements for testing

* Access to multiple systems and expert instructors for one simple price

* Begin to invest in your own studio branch package so you can earn while you learn

* Become part of our branch ambassador program 


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