A.P.L.E.A. Training Academy

"Equipping Leaders to Defend Freedom                     Established 2003 


Sifu Mark Messare has been training people in Self Defense for all ages since 1998. We have currently implemented many new components into our Academy where we are setting up our National Training Headquarters. We will be focusing on personal training, group training and Instructor training. We offer training in Krav Maga, Wing Chun and Tactical Training for your personal or group needs. We are also implementing our Chaplain's program and our K-9 Division of Security & Executive Protection dogs. What started as two brothers has become a brotherhood of warriors. We have experts available in areas of Private Law Enforcement from Executive Protection, Security, Bail Enforcement and more. Though the years we have helped equip members of the military & law enforcement as well as civilians across the US and around the world.  Contact us to set up your custom program today!

Daily Private Training $200 day 
Certificate of Completion available upon request

(518) 818-8218        [email protected] 

APLEA Ranger ID Card - $25.00 USD plus shipping 

* Show your pride for APLEA Rangers by standing with us. Get an official ID card 2018 NEW Product 

Earn your KRAV MAGA / APLEA Combatives Black Belt with APLEA. We offer cross ranking for existing school owners and black belts. Minimum 3 years experience in Krav Maga or Five years of Combatives and other martial arts to qualify for our black belt test. 

* Typical 3 day curriculum training with blackbelt evaluation 

* Pay as you go hourly private training & group training available

* Accelerated Learning program for Instructors 

Represent our APLEA RANGERS pride with your official TSHIRT. $20.00 plus shipping. 

JOIN THE RANKS OF THE DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM WITH YOUR APLEA RANGERS CUSTOM BADGE! 4-6 weeks to ship. Be recognized as one of the good guys or just hang in your showroom. THIS ITEM IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR VETTED MEMBERS. $185.00 

WE ARE A PRIVATE LAW ENFORCEMENT CLUB! No motorcycle required to join our ranks. We ride with all kinds of vehicles. $100.00USD includes Large APLEA RANGERS Back PATCH and D.O.F. front patch. ONLY FOR VETTED MEMBERS. 

GET YOUR DOG TO REPRESENT the APLEA Mission by getting them registered and ID CARD for service dog in training. 

$25.00 ID Card includes free registration for your dog. 

Training & Service Dog Sold separately 

BE TRAINED in the 3 Blade System of APLEA COMBATIVES. Schedule your group course today!!!